I rapidly build new products for fast-moving companies. I specialize in Web3 Development, AR, Machine Learning, and the human side of Engineering.

Tender Finance May 2022 - Present, San Francisco

Chief Technology Officer

Building a world-class engineering team at a soon-to-be legendary DeFi startup

  • Developing an MVP

unspun.io Jan 2021 — May 2022, San Francisco

Software Lead

Lead software projects at a body-scanning / robotics / advanced manufacturing startup.

  • Engineering lead + product manager for the unspun app, a body-scanning clothing-making experience with 4.9 stars on the app store as of April 2022.
  • Talked to customers & prioritized features to iterate on *UX*. Collaborated with designers & developers on our *Figma*.
  • Contributed to the body-scan -> physical jeans system using *Python*, *React*, *PostgreSQL*, and *Jupyter*.
  • Organized quarterly resource planning meetings for the executive team.
  • Created a new cross-team (sw, production, growth) sprint planning process.
  • Facilitated honest conversations. Smoothed friction between teams.
  • Improved engineering processes, especially sprint planning.

Ondaka Oct 2018 — Present, Mountain View

Lead Developer

Engineer #1 at Industrial 3D modelling & machine vision startup

  • Built and delivered an enterprise 3D visualization product used by big energy companies from the ground-up
  • Shipped an enterprise MVP in 1 month using *React* + *Node* + *MongoDB*
  • Have dialogues with customers to understand the user-journey, attend sales calls to close deals
  • Built and maintained a resilient cloud infrastructure on AWS that meets customers' security and uptime objectives
  • Train machine vision models that run in web browsers with *Tensorflow* and *Tensorflow.js*.
  • Contribute to Google Brain's Automl open source project

Code Made Now Feb 2019 — Present, San Francisco, CA


I consult with companies to improve codebase design and implementation.

Kaliber.AI Feb 2016 — Oct 2018, San Francisco, CA

Lead AI & Full-Stack Developer

I was the employee #1 of a 16 person AI startup. I did a lot: hired the team, ran sprints, coached, mentored, built infrastructure, and wrote code.

  • Lead developer of cross-functional speech recognition & machine vision team
  • Trained and deployed ML models in *Python* with *Tensorflow* and *Keras*
  • Wrote enterprise apps across the whole stack ML + UI + Back-End
  • Built & evaluated deep convlutional network architectures with *Keras*, *Tensorflow*, and *Jupyterlab*
  • Instituted standards and research processes for ML & Data Science teams
  • Led team of back-end developers to build REST services with *Python*, *MongoDB*, *PostgreSQL*, and *Redshift*
  • Designed scalable, containerized services with *AWS* & *GCP*, *Docker*, and *Travis*
  • Implemented complex, real-time single page apps in *React.JS*

Invisible Analyics Mar 2015 — Dec 2015, New York, NY

Co-Founder / Data Scientist

Lead development and implementation of a personal healthcare analytics app.

Digital Media Academy, Stanford Summer 2014, Stanford, CA

Teaching Assistant

Taught students in Introductory and Advanced *Java* Classes

ErgoDirect.com Nov 2012 — Aug 2013, San Carlos, CA

Full-Stack Web Developer

Created web-based data analytics & reporting platform, worked on database system, improved customer-facing U.I.

MCT June 2012 — Oct 2013, Oakland, CA

Technical Intern

Built internal infrastructure and helped transition web services to Python

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Class of 2015

B.S. Economics, Cum Laude

Academic Experience

  • Graduated youngest of my class, at age 18.
  • Thesis: A Critical Review of the Econometric Research on Youth Unemployment
  • Paper: An empirical analysis of the Solar Photovoltaic Industry
  • Archive of my Machine Learning, Econometrics, and Data Science Labwork.
  • Started a startup senior year
  • Rensselaer Leadership Award
  • Rensselar Professional Leadership Program

DAO Planet 2021 —


We created the first ever 2-day DAO summit during EthDenver

Taskforce.is 2013 —


We build large-scale digital campaigns to protect Internet freedom.

The Gubbio Project January 2020 —

Volunteer, tech support

Data Engineers & Data Scientists Project Group 2016 — 2017


I organized small group that met in the Burlingame library that geeked out-over data science

Probabilistic Programming for Advanced ML Summer 2015


A DARPA-funded summer-school to study probabilistic programming languages for Bayesian Inference.

Machine Learning

  • Python (numpy, pandas, etc.)
  • TensorFlow + Keras
  • R
  • Stata
  • Jupyterlab


  • Flask/Django
  • Node.js
  • Docker
  • AWS & GCP
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL

Technical Leadership

  • Understanding Customers
  • Ruthless Priotization
  • Sprint Planning
  • Combating Scope Creep


  • Ethers.js
  • React.js
  • THREE.js